Full-Time Program of Study


English has become a vital tool for staying competitive in the modern, globalized world. UCEDA INTERNATIONAL offers courses in English as a Second Language for all levels, including Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

UCEDA INTERNATIONAL offers courses in English as a Second Language for all levels, including Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. These courses are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), a global scale for describing the process of mastering a new language.

A variety of targeted skills electives are also available to help students focus on areas of interest including pronunciation, accent reduction, public speaking, advanced grammar, academic writing, and test preparation.

The day you arrive at UCEDA you will be given a placement test which will identify your exact level of English proficiency. Following placement testing, you will meet with an Academic Advisor who will help you to create a personalized course schedule based on your level of English, your individual goals and availability. Placement testing is free, so don’t wait any longer – a new life is on the horizon! More information: Levels & Courses

intensive English Programs

UCEDA INTERNATIONAL courses are offered as Intensive English Programs in order to help students obtain a firm mastery of the language in a time frame that may be condensed according to individual needs. Intensive English Programs (IEP) consist of 18 instructional hours per week. Premium and Compressed IEP options are also available, which can include up to 20 hours per week.

For your convenience, each instructional site offers multiple schedules in the mornings and evenings. Most classes meet 4 days per week, Monday through Thursday. Some locations may offer premium schedules that can be customized, or a compressed schedule that meets only 2 days per week. Premium and Compressed IEP carry an additional cost. Not all program levels are available during all schedules. Please review the current schedule availability by location.

UCEDA INTERNATIONAL students begin classes on the first Monday of each month. Each course is 12-16 weeks in duration, depending on the level. The entire program duration may range between 3 months for a single course, or up to 12 months or longer for multi-course programs. It is important to note that the rate of language development may vary according to the learner’s educational background, first language, learning style, cognitive style, and other factors. Therefore, students and financial sponsors should understand that UCEDA INTERNATIONAL does not set strict time limits on the length of English studies.

In addition to the schedules listed above, FREE TUTORING sessions are also available to all students who wish to participate. Before or after class, feel free to meet with a specialized tutor for help catching up on homework or maybe just to practice conversation. What you practice is up to you!

The following are some typical examples of schedules offered:

Morning IEP

Monday to Thursday8:00AM to 12:30PM

Evening IEP

Monday to Thursday5:30PM to 10:00PM

2-Day Compressed IEP

Monday to Tuesday8:00AM to 5:00PM

4-Day Premium IEP*

Monday to Thursday9:30AM to 2:30PM

*Program schedules and availability may vary by location.

Classes are held year-round with few exceptions. The school will be closed for the following holidays:

New Year’s Day: January 1

Memorial Day: Last Monday in May

Juneteenth: June 19

Independence Day: July 4

Labor Day: First Monday in September

Thanksgiving Day: Fourth Thursday in November

Winter Break: Usually the final two weeks of each year (exact dates to be announced)

Religious Holidays and Cultural Traditions: In recognition of the cultural diversity of our schools, in addition to the secular holidays and breaks listed above, each student may be excused for up to three religious/cultural holidays during the year (3 days per year).

UCEDA International offers intensive and semi-intensive English language training for foreign-born adults. To be admitted, students must meet the following minimum criteria:

1. Be at least 18 years of age (or at least 16 years of age having terminated high school and obtained parental consent)
2. Have current or former permanent residence in a country or region where English is not the predominant language
3. Have a basic understanding of the English or Latin alphabet.
4. Demonstrate a communicative deficiency in English speaking, reading, writing, or listening skills relative to one’s stated goals
5. Be willing and able to attend either full-time classroom instruction (18 hours per week minimum, required for F1 visa students) or part-time classroom instruction (3 to 6 hours per week minimum)
6. Possess or demonstrate eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa category which requires or allows either full-time or part-time language study.
7. Satisfy eligibility requirements for issuance of Form I-20 (required for F-1 visa students only)

UCEDA International does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or genetic information.

To apply to be admitted to UCEDA International, please complete the online Application Form. An international advisor will review your information to pre-qualify you for enrollment. There is no charge for this initial review and consultation.