Living Options

UCEDA INTERNATIONAL students may choose from a variety of living options available in the surrounding community. 

For a complete cultural experience, students have the option to live with an American family in what is called a “Homestay Program”. Some new students and students in shorter programs stay in local hotels, while most students live with family or friends, or rent space in an apartment setting. Students may also find apartments listed in local newspapers, websites, and international students’ online blogs.

Apartment/Flat *

If you’d like your own space, why not rent an apartment or a flat? Depending on your budget and your living preferences, you might find a single room or rent an apartment for yourself. This will be an adventure.


One of the best ways to learn the language and experience the American culture is to live with a real American family. The daily interaction will ensure constant practice and development. Many Homestay options also include up to 12 meals per week for a very reasonable price. Please visit one of our Homestay partners for more information.


If you’re looking for comfort and convenience, maybe staying at a hotel would be your best choice. A variety of hotels with all levels of amenities exist throughout greater New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and the Washington DC metropolitan area. These websites make it easy to find a hotel in any language:
* Important Note: Prices and housing options are subject to availability. Apartment owners usually require a one-year lease contract, as well as a security or damage deposit. Rooms and temporary sublets within a shared residence may accept shorter lease terms. Please be sure you understand the terms of any contract before you sign.