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English (ESL) classes for F1 international students

UCEDA INTERNATIONAL offers high-quality, Intensive English Programs (IEP) at an unbeatable cost.
Annual tuition varies according by program as follows:

Program Schedule Description Course Hours Annual Tuition Monthly
(mornings or evenings)
18 hours per week $5,040 $420
18 hours per week $5,520 $460
20 hours per week $5,520
(Lab Fees included)
(Lab Fees included)
18 hours per week $1,996 per semester $499 per month
(Lab Fees included)

Tuition rates shown are for a 12-month program, unless otherwise indicated. Program duration can be tailored according to the number of months you need to study. As a convenience to student sponsors, in the Standard IEP tuition payments may be divided into monthly installments when the total program duration is longer than three months. An Initial Tuition Deposit for the first and last month of your program must be received prior to your Program Start Date.

In standard and compressed Intensive English Programs, Lab Fees of $60 are collected separately at the start of each course. Lab Fees contribute to a high quality education by covering the cost of course materials, multimedia equipment, access to the computer lab, and wireless internet connectivity.

For those coming from abroad, in order to apply for the I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for Non-Immigrant (F-1) Student Status, please review the procedures and contact a UCEDA Student Advisor today for a FREE consultation!

All fees are non refundable.

Part-time English (ESL) classes for B1/B2 tourists

If you are visiting the US on a B1/B2 tourist visa, join our Short Intensive English (ESL) Program.
Tourist visiting the US can use some of their free time to study. Federal law allows tourist to take short courses of study with a B1/B2 visa.

Morning, evening and weekend schedules available. Receive a certificate of completion to show your progress.
Costs include registration, and all material fees, and pre-and post-assessments.

*Total course prices may vary slightly by location.

4 Weeks 6 Weeks 8 Weeks 12 Weeks
Standard ESL,
10 hours per week
$308 $386 $440 $648
Semi-intensive ESL,
15 hours per week
$452 $568 $668 $960

English (ESL) Classes for J1 AuPAirs

Au Pairs can study at Uceda International’s semi-intensive English program and meet the legal study requirements of the J-1 visa.


Flexible schedules

Great prices

Multiple locations

CEA accreditation

Program Schedule Description Total Course Hours Tuition & Fees Total Costs
Semi-Intensive 1 Schedules may vary;
starting at 3 hours per week
36 hours minimum $276 tuition
$49 fees
Semi-Intensive 2 Schedules may vary;
starting at 6 hours per week
72 hours minimum $483 tuition
$98 fees

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