Placement Test

The purpose of this test is to assess your level of English. For an accurate assessment, please do not use any external resources or friends to help you with this test. Fill in all answers! Those that are left blank will be marked incorrect. ESTIMATED TIME TO COMPLETE THIS TEST: 10 MIN
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What country are you from?
What is your first language?

The verb “TO BE”: Fill in the blanks with (am / is / are) in the present tense.
She a very good teacher.
We in English class.
I happy with my friends.

The verb “TO BE” negative: Change the following sentences to their equivalent negative form.
James soccer.
Victor and Martha married.
I ready for the test.

Present Tense – Comprehension: Choose the correct word from the drop down menu.
We breakfast every morning.
She English very well.
They in the factory.
Allan drink coffee.
Michelle go to school.
They play the accordion.

Past Tense: Write the correct past tense for each verb.
Speak Give
See Buy
Stop Read

Choose the correct word from the drop down menu.
Theyto the park yesterday.
Wefor the test last night.
Shecall me last week.
Nancydancing at the party
you sleep well last night?
they watch T.V. at 8:00 PM?

Future: Change the following sentences into WILL and GOING TO forms.
They speak English.
(Going to)
She walks in the park.
(Going to)

Select an option from the drop down menu that works best with the sentence.
walk in the park? Answer: On Sunday.
walk on Sunday? Answer: In the park.
go to class everyday? Answer: He’ll take the bus.

Past Participles: Complete the chart writing verbs in past participle.
I have in the United States for three years.
My parents bought a new car.
They eaten Chinese food in a long time.
Have you ever a horse?
I have been to France. I don’t speak French.
Daniel hasn’t finished his homework
We have been waiting for the train thirty minutes!
Martha has worked as a waitress 2004.