Supporting Documents

Certify your eligibility for F-1 student status

After submitting your application to study at UCEDA, additional supporting documents may be required.

To apply for the F-1 visa at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate, first you will need a Form I-20 “Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 Student Status.”  UCEDA International is authorized under federal law to issue the Form I-20 only after we review and evaluate your complete application and proof of financial responsibility.

    (full name)

    Personal FundsFriend in USAFamily in USAFriend in Home CountryFamily in Home CountryEmployer in Home CountryOther

    Where will you live in USA?
    I plan to rent a placeFree room and board with a friendFree room and board with familyOther

    No - I have no family in USASome relatives are US citizens or permanent residentsSome relatives are in USA with nonimmigrant visaSome relatives are in USA without official status

    Yes - I have dependents traveling with meNo - My spouse/children will not travel with meNo - I am single with no children

    I have no history of travel to USAI traveled to USA before, and I did not overstay my visaI traveled to USA before, and I did overstay my visa (explain in Comments below)I am currently in USA

    * (here)

    * (biographical pages)

    - Bank Statement in your name

    - Sponsor's Affidavit of Cash Support (here)

    - Bank Statement in sponsor's name

    - Sponsor's Affidavit of Room and Board (here)

    - Copy of lease, deed, rent receipts, or utility bill

    - Copy of valid I-20 from current school

    - Transfer Notice (here)

    The following additional documents are required before you meet with a school official to help finalize your Form I-539 (DHS Change of Status Application).

    - Personal letter of intent

    - Copy of your current visa

    - Form I-94

    - Form I-134 if sponsor is US citizen or resident

    UCEDA representative who helped you:

    F-1 Financial

    You must show evidence that you have enough money to live and study for the duration of your program of study.

    *12-month program
    Recent bank statements from student and/or sponsors must show a minimum available balance of $20,000 USD.

    If you will live with a sponsor with free room and board, the minimum available balance can be $13,000 USD.

    If you have dependents with you (spouse or children), you should have an extra $6,000 USD per person.