POLICY: After the Program Completion Date on a student’s Form I-20, the student’s SEVIS record will auto complete within 60 days, unless a program extension is requested. An F-1 student currently maintaining legal status and attending classes as scheduled, but unable to complete the course of study by his/her Program Completion Date, is eligible to apply for program extension if the delay is supported by compelling academic or medical reasons. Delays caused by academic probation or suspension are not acceptable reasons for program extension. Any program extension requests must be made in advance, 30 days prior to the current Program End Date listed. A student seeking program extension after the Program End Date is considered out of status and must file for reinstatement with USCIS.

Submit your Extension Request

Request an extension of your program of study at UCEDA International. Start with this form:

Next Steps

After completing the Extension Request Form:

1. Pay the Extension Request Fee $100 and any overdue balances before the 10th of the month. You should receive an invoice within 24 hours after submitting the Extension Request form. If not, please contact the school for help.

2. Confirm your academic eligibility before the 15th of the month. After paying the Extension Request Fee, your Academic Advisor will review your case and will notify you to confirm or deny your eligibility, or to request additional information. You may be required to meet with your Academic Advisor and/or take a test to evaluate your current level of English.

3. Gather financial documents to support a longer period of study. Submit all supporting documents by the 20th of the month (10 days before your current program end date). Upload documents here

4. A designated school official will review all submitted documents and will inform you when your Form I-20 is updated or if additional documents are needed.

Program extension requests will be subject to review and approval by school administrators and academic advisement personnel in accordance with school policies and regulations.

UCEDA International adheres to nationwide standards and regulations for the education industry related to the privacy of student records. All information collected is for admissions purposes only and is not to be shared, or sold.


You must show evidence that you have enough funding to live and study for the duration of your program of study.

12-month program

Recent bank statements from student and/or sponsors must show a minimum available balance of $20,000 USD.

If you will live with a sponsor with free room and board, the minimum available balance can be $13,000 USD.

If you have dependents with you (spouse or children), you should have an extra $6,000 USD per person.